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When you’re constantly on the move and have to deal with a lot of people, this results in very courteous behavior. Sometime. However, what it also opens up is a huge insight into the world of self-expression and the identity of the individual. As marketers, we often have to deal with target groups (sinus milieus) and target group descriptions or, more specifically, personas.

So how do you as an EPU (one-person company) deal with your partners, suppliers and customers? Does it make sense to define and find out for yourself who you are good with (as a persona) and where the journey could go? Who do you approach and how without having in-depth training, and do you even need it? What is the most important thing when dealing with many different personalities, perspectives, agendas and desires. Wishes that often don’t fit together.

Common sense option

Common sense dictates that you act optimally at your own discretion. Express his recommendations, particularly pointing them out if they have to do with liability and warranty (also in writing); AND stick to yourself and your own values. It is often more impressive that someone pursues their path in their own way, without any charade; than “we can do everything” and “we do everything” often feels and seems unbelievable (that needs to be addressed in this article).

A person company (EPUs or as I see them 1PUs) can be differentiated into different groups.

  • 1PUs in part-time format (in addition to a full-time job or unpaid job as we unfortunately still know for women who stay at home as mothers),
  • 1PU as a company in full-time format,
  • 1PU (part-time or full-time) with a registered name in the commercial register (i.e. with the abbreviation e.U. at the end of the official company name), and of course
  • 1PU in the entrepreneurial format of a GmbH.

In the beginning you are overwhelmed with support, perspective and information. Good things take time, but good things also need – we are human beings, whether part-time, full-time or limited liability company 😉 – emotional exchange.

The environment

I explicitly don’t write about network factors or recommendations to never go out to lunch alone (this is a lame recommendation in towns where there is still a restaurant, even if marketing gurus certainly know what they are talking about. Nevertheless, there are many good considerations that lead to success or support this, possible if the setting and the environment are right.

This works. On you, on your own perspectives, on your visions of the future, on the work you do. We can talk to each other, directly and clearly. Always at eye level. Nothing happens otherwise.

The many voices that accompany you, whether from YouTube, from a wise neighbor, an encounter at the bus stop or on the train, at an event or in a restaurant: they all have an impact. Everyone has an impact. Everyone works out of their identity. Everyone has their own paths and hopefully pursues their own goals (if they have not defined any and let themselves be driven along their path, that is a decision and also speaks; helps to assess the individual and his/her identity).

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