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Winter is coming to the country. We seem to work longer and harder, the sunlight slipping from our hands. If you want to write good texts, it takes time – and as the saying goes – brains. But often the feeling we have when writing is on a par with our path to successful writing. Wifi regularly organizes further training for its trainers. An important aspect is the word. Since the beginning of time, words have triggered feelings, through emphasis, through context. This context is what gives meaning to a word in its landscape.

Google uses search engines in its product (here you can find all of Google’s products, accessed on October 4th, 2023) Words – combinations and sequences of words/phrases, sentences, keyword series and much more. – as a mediator for a result. The word “cool,” for example, leads us to many visits to different areas (product groups, target groups, companies). If you want to look in the right direction (for the searcher in this example) for a generic word, a neutral word, you ideally add more words.

As in real life, there are inclusive and exclusive words; you can speak the language. If you are in a country where you don’t speak the language, just think of a vacation where you would like to know something, but only gestures and facial expressions plus a map led to success, you have to try it out.

This is what it means to us. A string of words doesn’t necessarily create sentences for the search engine or a starting point for a conversation, and yet it is a start. A start that results in a result based on our profile, exact search profile, preferences, interests, records collected with our consent (or failure to do so, validating updates, as well as other regular notices during our busy work lives).

This means our word on our computer produces a different result than our word on our mother’s computer. A blatant example, because socio-demographic components are important, the colleague next door who also deals with digital marketing and has similar music preferences probably shows less noticeable discrepancies in the test. And yet, test it on your computer at home and in the office. Two worlds, one search.

The word in its context can therefore be seen further. Not only are subsequent words relevant, previous words also have weight. The machine searches to deliver relevant results, builds on knowledge that has already been collected and is very faithful when you come into contact with new terms. After all, the way of thinking has already been learned. Customer satisfaction is important.

Therefore, for everyone who uses a lot of words to research, to better understand the competition, to fill up on knowledge, to make themselves and others more visible. Dealing with words is the beginning and end of successful communication.

By the way, I left the church. Nevertheless, I do believe.

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