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As part of our work for the Burgenland Advertising and Market Communication specialist group, we discussed many avenues this year. The ADEBAR advertising prize has been reorganized. The announcement on the way. The International Advertising Association, or IAA for short, is currently focusing on how important a transparent tender with fair conditions is for providers:

According to its own information, “the Austrian Chapter of the IAA [ has ] dealt with the Quality Pitch Charter aims to promote fair framework conditions in pitch processes in order to increase the quality of competitive presentations. In the meantime, around 100 well-known agencies and clients have joined this initiative.” (Source: Newsletter, presentation of the IAA Quality Pitch Charter Seal, 12/20/23)

Furthermore, the IAA-Austria offers clients the opportunity to have their pitches checked by an independent pool of experts and their tenders certified. The presentation of the IAA Quality PitchCharta Seigel including the pool of experts will take place on January 30, 2024 at Seilergasse 14, 1010 Vienna. Registrations are requested by January 22, 2024 at the latest at office@iaa-austria.at; Procurement law experts and pitch consultants with clients have the opportunity to discuss further implementation options for upcoming pitches with the audience.

A tender is a lot of work for those who advertise and those who submit it. Every comma is checked three times and every content is checked four times. If everything is legally in order, the content is understandable without the need for a lawyer. The content motivates you to apply. We have integrated everything that we have seen and found desirable in recent years. Is everything really made transparent? What can we learn from others? (…) something like this can happen from time to time. If – as in many things – you want to outsource your expertise, the IAA-Austria service offers a brand new opportunity for an outside perspective that may be worth its weight in gold.

The past few months have been characterized by activity in many areas. Digibond is an advertising agency from Burgenland, based in Deutschkreutz and Wiener Neustadt. As a one-person company, the chances of participating in large tenders are rather limited. It’s about the trust factor. It’s about the question – what if you are sick (that actually happened to me in December this year 😂, I thought it was impossible, after my memory failed it was about a bad cold)? Well, I can answer that now: Digibond usually delivers on time, is overly motivated and exceptionally committed (with all freelancers, partners and friendly agencies). So if a few days go by, the world won’t end. There is always something to do. If an employee gets sick, something similar happens. The world keeps turning, work awaits. You know that as a human being.

If you operate machines (technology) as a sick person, it leads to “sick” results 🤧

Nevertheless, the size of the company and the possibility of references are important. All the more important: As an advertising agency, you can draw attention to yourself with good work. Participation in the Burgenland advertising award ADEBAR is affordable and without any size restrictions. As is common in all federal states. The winners from the federal states take part in the AUSTRIACUS (Federal Advertising Prize). We will know more about this in February 2024.

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