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Empathic communication is the unique selling point that others choose for Digibond. A small agency that dances on (too) many Kirtagen and focuses on digital marketing communication, has gained a foothold in the teaching area and still wants to be innovative – thanks for this perspective.

Customer partnerships are essential for the success of any company. Where one sees a “toilet roll knitter”, the other smells long-term potential for change in a region (or several). When old and young companies and institutions reassess their resources in the wake of the pandemic, the little ones are ahead when the appreciation of employees is mutual. In large companies, you are essentially a budget item and you can hope that your collegial environment will stand up for you (especially your superiors) should rationalization measures arise.

As an agency with roots in Burgenland, there is a casual point of view for the interests of the world.

Authenticity, the creation of orientation, reliability and trust are aspects by which we align ourselves. Like the four directions of the wind. And like the wind, this means aligning with the environment, sometimes there are mountains that prevent or create opportunities (provide a view), sometimes the cold wind pulls you around your ears because the mountains are snow-covered. Service is a central element that is placed centrally in the four wind directions (described above).

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