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The topic of CO2-friendly website has been occupying IT service providers for some time. Retail chains (e.g. Zalando) and petrol station operators (e.g. BP) are fully committed to showing consumers their CO2 fingerprint with conversions in cents. The extent to which companies that sell or distribute CO2-harmful products (fuel) themselves (transport and delivery services) are credible is little considered in this thought walk.

The view of the marketer is to strengthen their own brand through a sustainable website. To convey credibility and ultimately to look good. Exemplary:

The view of the IT service provider could be presented from the following perspectives:

For the Austrian entrepreneur and interested parties, there is a clear solution with a conversion on all levels:

The credibility and traceability of these offers is given by certifications.

If you want to get a comprehensive picture of the dimensions of the topic in all areas of life, Danube University Krems ( offers one of many wonderful student blogs (https: //

Due to the complexity of the topic, you can start with Ecosia ( in the first step and for your own introduction to the topic

Source:, as of September 19, 2021

Digibond will use its technical competence in 2022 to expand the CO2 component to hosting, server and website offers and to integrate them more strongly. True to the motto:

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