[Blog] Rethink

A few weeks ago I completed the UBIT Academy incite “Digitallotse” course together with around 12 colleagues. The reason for this training was and is to strengthen the consulting services of my own company and to research methods and perspectives.

Despite years of experience in the Internet, it remained hidden to me why some entrepreneurs recognize the importance of digital components as part of their communication strategy, but use them poorly or not at all. Why family businesses with an imminent generation change mainly choose the traditional route and work a little online, but not enough to achieve real customer loyalty. Why older generations seem to find it more difficult to deal with change than younger ones.

The course showed me that human solutions with technical foresight and constant checking of this foresight is probably a normal reality for all participants.

How do you bring about change – painlessly?

If the person, the decision-maker, understands the benefits of the product or service as valuable for their own company, this is clearly justified. If this understanding or understanding of the added value is missing (perhaps because it is actually missing), action remains missing. This lack of action may be right at the moment; Here the entrepreneur could ask himself whether another consultant could open up a different perspective or whether one can work together (workshop) to develop real approaches that make sense internally and externally for the company.

The answer is: together.

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