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Digibond has an office in Eisenstadt starting 15, 2024: Robert Graf-Platz 1. An industry colleague, Bernhard Rauchbauer, thought of me when the office next to him was looking for a tenant. The office finally offers customer contact with a doorman, meeting rooms and its own mailroom. Apart from the brilliant colleagues in the company, I

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Quality pitch

As part of our work for the Burgenland Advertising and Market Communication specialist group, we discussed many avenues this year. The ADEBAR advertising price has been reorganized. The announcement on the way. The International Advertising Association, or IAA for short, is currently focusing on how important a transparent tender with fair conditions is for providers.

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When you’re constantly on the move and have to deal with a lot of people, this results in very courteous behavior. Sometime. However, what it also opens up is a huge insight into the world of self-expression and the identity of the individual. As marketers, we often have to deal with target groups (sinus milieus)

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Artificial intelligence

The subject of AI (artificial intelligence) is apparently on everyone’s lips. As a marketing agency, it is important to Digibond to have its finger on the pulse. The current options in terms of competition and resources for text-based AIs are intriguing. This is how I felt the last time I did an online search on

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search & co.

Terms such as search engine optimization, search engine advertising (advertising), conversions, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and much more. dominate our everyday life. Behind these (and others) the commissioning company is given the opportunity — with a system — to have more success with different perspectives, tactics and strategies. What it means to be “successful” is

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