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The subject of AI (artificial intelligence) is apparently on everyone’s lips. As a marketing agency, it is important to Digibond to have its finger on the pulse. The current options in terms of competition and resources for text-based AIs are intriguing. This is how I felt the last time I did an online search on my boyfriend’s computer for the first time (1995). High potential without concrete application (for me as a student) and unfortunately search results that would have particularly pleased my interests (art and literature). All of this has now changed.

The same thing will happen to us with KI [for the sake of simplicity, I’ll stick with the abbreviation KI]. Depending on the focus of the company (mission, vision, values), we will suddenly be working with tools that are becoming more and more “independent”. This means answers to questions like – what motivates an underpaid student (to stay in the world of education) to review the generated blog post for client Alpha? How is this verification possible when the textual bulk of web pages replicates content (at its heart). Rewritten, newly formulated, very seriously and seriously manifested, good lyrics. All of which – hopefully I’m dramatizing here – have a message (we are the best) and can therefore only offer a company address and other employee pictures without differentiation.

Competencies in the Spotlight

The genius for people without creative writing skills is evident. The ingenuity for pupils, students, influencers, bloggers, researchers is always worth a temptation. After all, our greatest asset is now: TIME. We work less hours, we look for more quality in life. So why make the time of earning money difficult. What irritates me is something that started a long time ago (attention spans decrease, the ability to express oneself in language loses linguistic nuances): SKILL DUMPING.

Man is endowed with many things, seems to be getting smarter (development of the brain) and trains speed, not context. No situating, no relating. All this, what we always see in good advertising. A bridge is created, a personal address, an interaction. Who should read all that when humbug is on the horizon, humbug that is difficult to verify. On the other hand, do people still read a lot? Does it really need accurate information on our platforms if the target group and the creators can get by without language regulations and facts. The interaction, the fun factor, the speed, the distraction and the banality then take the spotlight.

Industry focus

Today I created a website with an AI for the first time (and I’ve been creating websites for many, many years). As a test. The creation — even if I write it remains unimaginable — after entering the company name “Digibond” and the focus “Social Media” took a rapid 60 seconds, estimated. All texts, all images, the structure of the ONE-Pager offered an inspiring insight and outlook. In my opinion, AIs are brilliant for this. If you’re too focused on the subject, you’re given something that — like an employee — doesn’t correspond as much to your own way of looking at things. So far so good. Then there was the pricing structure. Low-threshold entry, so hardly any hurdles. You can probably afford 20 EUR for a page quasi “independently” while one sip of coffee is unveiled.

Is our industry under pressure? Clearly. Do we have to be careful where the journey goes? Certainly. Will the AI help us? hmm. It’s a question like – Will Google help us (if we keep our privacy settings so that the algorithm keeps us swimming in our pink [ purple in my case ] soup)? Are we aware that Google’s ingenious service makes rough edges lose their appeal? perfect!


I’ve been in this world for a day or two now. That’s how it feels when I imagine the impact of letting our analytical skills atrophy. We lose our understanding of connections. Let’s let ourselves be guided, externally and feel no life internally. The designation of the transparent human has thus reached a further dimension. emotions on demand. emotions controlled. In a way, this goes against the essence of emotions. Fine, but much ado about nothing, after all there are series like The Witcher and films like Lord of the Rings. As long as anyone can think contextually and independently — in all walks of life — The Matrix will remain a scenario akin to a warning sign on the wall. Not applicable for all.

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