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What does correct thinking mean in times of upheaval and change? The entrepreneur is always aware of being influenced by external factors, by the change that time brings me. In my opinion, this is necessary for survival in the classic example of digitization (transformation, optimization of processes, etc.).

If you find yourself in a state of uncertainty as a company and the world is “safe” or “safe” all around, this is a scenario that everyone can imagine. Every employee probably feels the same way in his or her context. If you as an entrepreneur are on the high seas with your ship, with the crew and all the gold on board, and are surrounded by other ships (which you might even collide with when the wind turns), then you think of forces of nature.

Let us say – as a thought – these forces of nature are our institutional framework in which we as entrepreneurs advise other entrepreneurs and stand by their side. The Austrian institution defines the scope for action, our framework conditions.

What’s next?

It is unclear to me what correct thinking can mean on a ship on the high seas without a safety net and certain death at the bottom of the sea without strength for movement and clear decisions. In my view, trusting in a better, more stable, good, and prosperous future is the kind of correct thinking that can make all the difference.

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