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I have rediscovered teaching for a few months. Since then, many exciting things have happened at the Vienna Advertising Academy, course for market communication.

The Vienna Advertising Academy is a unique facility in the context of Wifi and the City School Council.

We find interested people from all areas whose goal is clearly: learning learning learning. Whether it is practical knowledge, the added value of life experience (or professional work experience in different countries) or simply promotional humanity:

The Vienna Advertising Academy (Werbeakademie Wien) tries to show young people a path that lies between hands-on teaching, studying and professional practice. I try to translate online and social media into something more understandable; hoping to display more clarity withinthe complexity between theory and practice; what a textbook says and what the official bodies cannot say. Sometimes knowing what you can do is more important than trying to be good at everything. Knowing your strengths and admitting your weaknesses is important, often a critical success criterion.

Successful companies are not successful because they are moderately good, but because they live what they are good at (or let live ???? by their employees). Motivation, enthusiasm, and the joy of doing are just as important and strong drivers for success as a good theoretical framework. You can build on it, use it, but also take its weaknesses and gaps into account.

From my point of view, there are rarely BLACK and WHITE paths. There are always several paths to one or more goals. Which ones might be best for oneself, a colleague, a partner, a teacher or a pet has to be decided individuallly.

Hence, from my point of view it is important: Act to the best of thy knowledge and belief, checking again and again; while being aware that every look into the past is not a look into the future. We live in a dimension, an area of ​​tension, which is usually called “life”. Never unchangeable, always with joy and in any case valuable.

Words before the grading conference ????

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