[Blog] The turn of the year rocks

At the beginning of 2021, I was pleased because of the many changes in communication: Less travel times, more efficiency. This has held up more or less all year round, even though the importance of people, the social component in all digital matters, has become even more prominent.

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[ Blog ] Wissensmanagement

The view of knowledge management is correspondingly diverse in different company forms. The extent to which knowledge is used by the knowledge culture, system and infrastructure (from the operational, strategic or normative level) is touched on a little. What is important to me is the awareness that knowledge management leads to more efficiency and stronger sales.

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[ Blog ] Conservation-Tax

I had stimulating conversations with many colleagues on the subject of cultural decay in cities and villages (vacancy) – the future solution is “preservation tax”. This is only possible from now on and the idea does not claim to be applicable as aid packages for existing empty centers as we perceive them from all cities in Europe, but especially here in Germany. As the dying of the cities and the shattering of village and social structures.

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[Blog] teaching

I have rediscovered teaching for a few months. Since then, many exciting things have happened at the Vienna Advertising Academy, course for market communication.

The Vienna Advertising Academy is a unique facility in the context of Wifi and the City School Council.

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[Blog] Encouragement

Encouragements should provide a different point of view. Encouragement should motivate, sow courage. People who encourage (entrepreneurs) are people who drive movement. Encouragements are cool. Encouragements are casual. Encouragers see new ways where others give up. Encouragements are strong. We are encouragers.

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[Blog] Correct thinking

What does correct thinking mean in times of upheaval and change? The entrepreneur is always aware of being influenced by external factors, by the change that time brings me. In my opinion, this is necessary for survival in the classic example of digitization (transformation, optimization of processes, etc.).

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