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Values are used by different cultures, people (influencers) and companies. Used to provide guidance, to make a point of view, weighting of one kind or another public. But how do we as individuals, as users, deal with this knowledge? How do we find out about this?

When you come across a “new” product (company), you try to draw conclusions based on the color world and the style that is used. These relate to motivation, concerns, appearance (coolness factor, professionalism and much more) in short – we perceive the target group address. Addressing the target group – or in our case me, as the target person – already includes a mission statement / philosophy, strategy, values. Only through repeated points of contact with the product / company is it possible for us to perceive connections and preferences. Unless you deal with such questions on a daily basis.

During my training in London, I sat in the subject “Advertising Management” with a teacher who has spent his life with international agencies. He released examples of all kinds for analysis, these were discussed and presented in group work. For example, it was clear at first glance that the print subject of a brand had a Christmas flair and that was what the focus was on. When a brand can focus on seasonal products, has money for print advertising (measurability issues, ROI), and still has little awareness, sometimes you have to deal with fundamental issues like values.

The core of a brand’s image consists of values. values that are repeated. In winter, in summer, in spring and also at Easter. Values – stay.

After we live in a Catholic country (Austria), and “values” like charity (and I don’t want to offend anyone here) and everything that can be found in the commandments is up-to-date, the church (community) despite a century of wars with declining From a marketing point of view, one wonders whether these values – which remain – communicated differently would reach their own target group better. DIFFERENT – because the current path has the current numbers for success.

But this is written from my humble communication point of view. A person who left the church over ten years ago out of disappointment at the time. However, I have warm and beautiful memories of election trips or youth festivals organized by this same church. The lived values, the values of a generation, the values of an organization remain. The TYPE of communication must (and may) change. Otherwise, the inflow figures will also change.

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