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[Blog] The message

The meaning of the word does count. Because every word has meaning. This meaning is accompanied by a context. This lets classical, rock or pop music play in the background. But are we talking to an old lady or a young woman? A beautiful piano player or a good politician. Each one his and me mine, that’s what it’s all about.

Suppose we know who should listen to us. The beautiful piano player, for example, whose age we don’t care about. After all, she’s beautiful, and that calms you down. The pianist practices at least 8 hours a day, and thanks to your scholarship, she can concentrate on her job; and only leaves the house for organized concert tours by an organizer who has noticed you.

Long live the word. Long live the sound . Long live the internet.

In this case, the sound (which pieces of music / epoch / interpretation) could be part of the message for the piano player. Embedded in a contextual landscape of interests from the life and (possible) work of the piano player. The piano player comes to your sound (result) through the word (Google Search).

If the politician is to listen to us because we think we are telling particularly important things, we must also work with optimal words. For example, it is NOT enough to store the Governor of Lower Austria as a “keyword” and hope that you will google yourself on an ad that we have placed in order to receive a card for the Lower Austria regional exhibition. A phone call would be recommended here.

What is our message?

When we reach our piano player, what do we want to tell her? What digital or offline possibilities (FAX;)) do we give you to get in touch and / or have fun. Why are we doing all this work? ((This question is of a purely hypothetical nature and is an example of trick questions that counteract the clarity. If we don’t know why we are “actually doing all this work”, we should find out in any case, without any hastiness)) Why is the politician to us particularly important? How do we approach it, perhaps to get support with our own goals (importance of women in politics), perhaps for the sake of your position and political influence. Today’s message is different from tomorrow’s. But not fully. Contextual only.

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