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Authentic anticipation is shown in the credible product presentation. This is embedded in a system of corporate diligence, shaped by political leeway. Pictures tell stories – from the beginning to the end of the holiday.

The Austrian travel law ensures stricter cancellation guidelines. If the user books via a platform (e.g. booking.com), the accommodation provider (based on its terms and conditions) can offer shorter cancellation times and thus increase its booking frequency. The variable advance payment is percentage dependent on the total price of the booking. If the accommodation provider allows payment by credit card, shorter processing times are often accepted. Immediate transfers lead to similar, albeit more unpleasant resolutions for the booker, there is a cancellation (termination) of the booking (business relationship).

In addition, each Austrian federal state has its own local tax (tourism tax to the state of Austria). These vary between EUR 1.50 per person per day in Eastern Austria to EUR 2.5 in Western Austria. Some booking platforms integrate these government taxes into their accounting and facilitate the transparent tax office fee (tax) and thus statistical analysis (Statistics Austria). Official evaluations have possible (direct and indirect) effects on the Austrian tourism funding landscape. The more overnight stays a municipality or region has, the higher the chances of receiving investment funds from the state.

The (federal) states have autonomy over their own lands and their supporting investment measures. Legal regulations determine the possibility of founding clubs or associations, along with the right to apply for economic support. Marketing measures are cross-border, sometimes cross-regional in use. If you look at the association and club system in detail, the commitment of individuals in harmony and division of labor with the team and partner companies leads to success.

Transparency and personalization are stronger than ever. The involvement of helping hands (operational business) and strategic alignment based on corporate positioning have an impact. If one’s own positioning is unclear, or if the corporate goal in terms of its value landscape is difficult to grasp for those involved, the break comes.

Your own entrepreneurial clarity (vision, mission, positioning values) is expressed in the taste of the product. Websites, newsletters and content marketing support entrepreneurs and customers in communicating sensory impressions, strategically and based on their own values. The development of these is usually time-consuming or is accepted as “given” (do that or we want to do that). Your own company presentation is essential for credibility. This has direct and indirect effects on the region.

People talk to each other. The on-site experience is not only supported by a “beautiful idea”, but ideally surpasses it. Authenticity attracts and rocks. In the Pannonian lowlands to the Alps.

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