[Blog] Encouragement

Encouragements should provide a different point of view. Encouragement should motivate, sow courage. People who encourage (entrepreneurs) are people who drive movement. Encouragements are cool. Encouragements are casual. Encouragers see new ways where others give up. Encouragements are strong. We are encouragers.

I go into this story with these associations. And it’s a story of success and failure. How do I know that the path I am treading is good navigation for the time in which we live? How did anyone ever know? History tells us a lot about it. The story is only supportive if you listen to it (Spanish flu, plague, etc.).

At some point, words are simply reduced to what they are.

Associations and contexts are very personal and individual. How can you encourage courage when you are at the mercy of a system that encourages itself. How can you keep spooning the same soup and pretending that time creates change? Time does what it does best. She goes and goes and goes and goes and goes. Nobody can say with certainty whether this will lead to courage.

From my point of view, one has courage. All of us.

From my point of view, one is not be give courage. That’s what I call hope.

From my point of view, there are a limited number of options.

If these are exhausted, this is just as reality as another perspective opens up further options.

From my point of view, courage paired with creativity is a match that may cause a wildfire. As long as the creative industries whose cross market value in Austria is 22 billion (see KAT) remains invisible, how can real change grow?

Quelle: Achter Österreichischer Kreativwirtschaftsbericht Schwerpunkt Internationalisierung (no EN Version available)

From my point of view, creativity includes courage, and needs light.

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