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[Blog] Peace and comfort

In the digital area, peace and comfort means understanding the user, the target group. Depending on the corporate strategy and goals, a website represents the “home base” itself; being the first contact point for information. The extent to which the information itself may be good, meaningful or correct ist not discussed here.

To me, the processing, if you will, digestibility of information is important. This, because we may observe a strong component of success with ever decreasing attention rates and intuitive decisions (gut decisions) of visitors and customers. In the IT area people like to talk about alpha and beta tests (see Guru99, in EN). Testing with internal and external ressources. This implies some time management until a website is actually visible online. Fast solutions with ready-made templates that are populated with grandiose or less grandiose content rarely succeed that way.

Additionally, many templates have little servicing after the initial programming and existing, hidden bugs that affect performance (i.e. loading times, speed of the website) can be easily ignored. So a lot has to be considered if you want to give the visitor the feeling of calm, comfort and security.

Furthermore, user behavior is also changing. Basically it is comparable to fast fashion. If the external effect in terms of “modernity” and less functionality, strength of content (a gray area) plays an important role for the corporate brand, this aspect must be given weight. Is it on the other hand about a discount brand for example, it is still not implied modernity has no say in it. On the contrary, here the word is to be seen in connection with technical, functional novelty, less in the context “design” (and space).

Of course, usability remains a crucial moment everywhere . Because if you break logic chains, this has an impact on Google (search results, e.g. header sequences in the background) and on the feeling of comfort that every user on the page (regardless of the market segment) demands.

Peace and security can therefore be underpinned visually, in line with the corporate identity. Peace and comfort always lead to safety. Warning: this does not mean one has to turn a blind eye to the full potential of opportunities that the brand or company provides; just as peace and comfort mean something different for gamers than for retirees. We see another galaxy opening up. On this note, whishing you a lot of summerly peace and comfort. 🙂

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