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Especially after Christmas it is clear. QUIET. No fuss – that’s what it’s about. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it’ll be loud again for a moment. If you look at this from a native advertising perspective, it quickly becomes clear that this is what the whole year is all about.

No unwanted, inappropriate disturbance that does not want to be initiated or enjoyed yourself. The war cry wants to be controlled by itself. Due to the decreasing attention to get users to the web and the unbroken trend to use mobile devices more than desktops: If you feel comfortable in a network environment, why should you leave there?

Disruptive advertising causes exactly that. Content platforms (publishing houses, media houses – daily newspapers, magazines) always offer advertisers the opportunity to place undisturbed advertising. On-line. This is being used more and more, but relatively little in terms of the known and familiar forms of advertising (I’m talking about banners, IAB gives an overview of standardized advertising formats).

But what’s so annoying when I click on a link and a page opens?

Scenario 1
I am listening to music without knowing what I did to make this happen (remember, I clicked a link like 1000 times before). * disturbing emotion *

If the advertiser or content operator allows me (gives me the opportunity) to find a “sound off” button (icon, symbol) quickly enough, I don’t have to run out of the room. * annoying experience *

> CLICK on “close” is done. That was the safest method before some hacker from an unknown dimension stole my top-secret data from me. After all, that’s not normal. Such a shout during the year.

Scenario 2
I get to a page with no music after clicking a link like 1000 times before. * pursuit of interest *

I scan the content of the page and discover nice pictures or interesting components that I want to explore more & gt; CLICK for the second time, this time on the “sound on” symbol in the video that is moving and trying to tell a story that is exciting in my chosen context (CLICK ONE). * I am glad and happy *

We have so-called “quick” wins in the best case, in the first case. We have real customer loyalty in the best case in the second case. Why native? I’ve been wondering why not for years.

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