[Blog] Respect

Why is it important to show current information on your own platform? Why not just run a Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest campaign? We create credibility through all channels, but our heart always remains the website.

Any content (text and images) that is posted, pinned, tweeted, ge * wtf * on external sites (regardless of which channel): it no longer really belongs to us from the time of publication. It just looks like it. That is, until a change in the presentation makes what we have done disappear.

This leads to statements like “now I thought I did something wrong again”. This may remind you of automated “Office messages” such as “an unknown error has occurred” 😉 In any case, the user is usually just on the trail of the algorithm, it never belongs to him.

In this way, you inevitably face the situation, which content really suits my company and what I can expect from my target group in the digital area. Tools like Google Analytics are still helpful here, simply because of the global power of data. Conversely, giving up your data and ignoring it in context is by no means punishable, but like having respect for your employees is perhaps useful in the long term.

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