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Content Marketing is a gentle and sustainable form of online sales. Stories are told. Stories that should be remembered, inspire and make you think. The company’s own products are made available to users on their own media and channels.

If I place such a product on a “foreign” platform, i.e. if a pair of hiking boots is mentioned in an online newspaper article and contextually (purely exemplary) placed in a certain region or on a certain mountain, I find myself in a different approach, in native advertising .

Differentiating the two forms is difficult at first glance. Both work with tools and platforms that are available. The context and the way the advertised product is presented is crucial.

Compared to easily recognizable “banner advertising” (see IAB Standards ), texts and images appear as content marketing or native Advertising (to stay at this point in general) is well integrated into the respective platform. This is intended to create the least possible irritation (distraction), to offer added value through content and (depending on the strategy) to entertain.

Positive experience is important. Banner advertising is often classified as disturbing and the numbers for ad blockers are rising continuously worldwide (which does not affect sales of advertising because, of course, a delivery, even if it has been blocked, is included in the statistics as a counted delivery. Experts like Corinna Höll help to develop a fairer model).

Content marketing and naive advertising are argumentative “on the line” if you want to go into tennis as a sport comparison. The type of implementation decides whether the form of advertising is “out” or not. However, play with the content continues and the ball must keep moving. That is the goal. Others call it customer loyalty.

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