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If you want to advertise, this is associated with project costs. How these are composed and how many steps are necessary to realize the vision is often unclear. It is all the more important to place your trust in hands who have already made some journeys in the digital world.

Small and large potholes can thus be avoided. However, marketing in the digital age also means constantly moving marketing, subject to changes in terms and conditions, data protection guidelines, advantages and disadvantages of social media platforms, counter movements such as content marketing and native advertising. If you want to be “on the safe side”, this means making all “values” (i.e. numbers) that arise after the actual production (impressions, visits, clicks, conversion rate, etc.) measurable.

For this, tools are again necessary that output these numbers, based on sociodemographic data, some Google tools (Tag Manager etc.) work well with each other. It is clear that you don’t have to be a fan of highways (Google Search) to know that it will get you there faster. So sticking to the traffic rules (algorithm, SEO) is part of the recipe for success.

Back to the project.

The advertising industry in Austria is a free trade. So everyone can ask for what they want for their performance. So if the son of neighbor door # 321 takes a 10 euro note for a website, one should (please) not be surprised at the friendly entrepreneurial spirit, but could independently validate how much time is invested in such a product.

This is now fairly easy with the project calculator of the WKO NOE, specialist group for advertising and marketing.

Project calculator, WKO NOE (Advertising and Market Communication Group)

This can lead to a leveling ( see Wikipedia ) of the constant fluctuations in terms of product quality in the field of marketing (from my Point of view – advertising and IT services).

Der Projektkalkulator hilft also dem Kunden (Unternehmen) und dem Marketing-Dienstleister in vielerlei Hinsicht: Orientierung und Einschätzung für Projektkosten.

Es hat alles was Gutes.

Perhaps you will support the young neighbor of door # 321 in entering a constantly developing industry in the age of digitization – and doing development work in Austria as a business location. Meanwhile, I want to see the good grow and flourish. That’s probably due to the time and age I’ve been in marketing every day since 2003.

Let us conquer our own world with more clarity for what really matters – stability for Austria as a business location.

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