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[Blog] Channel diversity

“Space, endless expanses. The year is 2200. These are the adventures of the spaceship Enterprise, which (…) is on its way to explore strange galaxies, new life and new civilizations.” ( Raumschiff Enterprise 1972 ) This is what it feels like in 2017, differentiating the major channels (TV, radio, print , Online, mobile) not.

Why is it relevant to notice the differences between the channels? Are there big differences, do we want to stop communication under the guise of “marketing”? Well, WE want to let it go when we know what we’re doing, with whom and when. This is how it is in the digital realm. Target groups are reached (or missed), act (click, linger, break away) and are constantly under observation. This allows course corrections to be initiated, to act quickly where a tendency changes, an assumption turns out to be unfounded and optimizations scream to heaven.

If I print an advertisement in a newspaper, I know the circulation and the range. I don’t know how many people see my ad (impressions), I don’t know how many people read this ad (length of stay) and I don’t know how many people are actually interested (click). I know how much the ad will cost me. Three “hard facts”. Nevertheless, print in Austria is equal to Phoenix : Print is dead – long live print!

The other channels cheer at marginal percentage increases (or whine if they lose). Print rocks our little country. If we weren’t embedded and rimmed (DACH) by German-speaking people, you could be inventive yourself. But what for? After all, it’s just “to see” what the big brother is doing (whom we don’t like at all) and who is so essential for our tourism and our economy (like many others whose names are irrelevant here).

We literally place our trust in an (Easter) nest all year round. A small consolation is that the year is 2017. Until 2200 it will be a while. Change takes time.

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