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Is there a difference between B2B and B2C? Theoretically, the models diverge in their complexity. But how understandable is it for the marketing manager? Does the programmer have a different task? Does the designer have to work with other specifics? The message counts.

Every company works with its own positioning and philosophy (vision). The company’s mission, large or small, is at the heart of achieving goals. Understanding and active communication, INTERNAL and EXTERNAL, help all stakeholders to recognize a coherent, consistent corporate image. Therefore, this content is to be weighted as a marketing basis. At the same time (if not the starting point for the message in advertising and communication) this foundation resonates in every selected message

Size does NOT matter

In smaller companies (EPU, KMU, OG, KG) the decision-making processes are often shorter than in larger (GmbH, AG) or mixed forms.

Timing & Message

This is not directly related to the correct message to the customer. Is the customer, for example. a national company and he is aware of his own positioning on the market, the consultant and marketing manager find it easier. It does NOT have to slowly work out what the management sees as their in-house “motto”. This means that there is less risk of internal and external misunderstandings. In such cases, waste of resources based on ambiguity is unfortunately more of an everyday occurrence.

In larger companies, on the other hand, decisions over months can block rapid implementations (which the market requires). It is important to be able to mobilize resources (PR, advertising agency, those responsible for the digital area) within a very short time (24 hours max) in communication and marketing in order to be able to react adequately. Even though structural decisions take longer, the ability to react is a decisive factor for GmbHs and AGs when dealing with partners and consumers.

Corporate view

The programmer programs. The designer designed. The managing director leads. All communication nodes in between are dependent on variables in the complexity of the company itself. There is a direct connection between the company’s self-image, budget and advertising impact. Often it is NOT the budget that an (advertising) implementation does NOT work. The perspective of the person responsible for the message is fundamental.

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