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Target groups are usually difficult to pin down. If you really want to think of a target group, personas help. These support the abstraction process and promote creativity with regard to marketing communication.

One or the other research (industry) has said: YES, exactly this group (e.g. socio-demographic characteristics) is what we need to be successful. So: Assuming we have the following three personas in our target group for “ Cosmetics that can fly “.

Persona # 1

Hans is 39 and the father of two small children. He works for a large company as an employee without a managerial function or employee responsibility. He’s fine when he holds his children in his arms and walks in the spring wind. He lives a secluded life in the country and primarily takes care of his family.

The appearance of his body is less important to him, health counts.

Persona # 2

Sabine is 32 and the mother of two older children. She is divorced and a single parent. Sabine is a power woman with a discontinued degree and incredible resources. She is a manager with personnel responsibility in a REWE company. Her interests are, besides cosmetics-cosmetics-cosmetics: sport.

The appearance of her body is very important to her.

Persona #3 

Stefan is 12 and is only interested in his balls. Mainly handball and water polo. He has no siblings. Stefan loves his parents, even if he hardly gets to see them. He has many friends (clubs) and he likes exercise. Stefan is loved by everyone because he is a well-bred kid.

The appearance of his body is becoming more and more important to him, he is just realizing how important it is for others.

What is the consensus?

Depending on the product range and the positioning of the products themselves (e.g. natural cosmetics vs. own brands), the above descriptions (which do not claim to be complete) should lead to more pleasing and less pleasing content. The attitudes of the personas play a major role here, their perspective decides whether to buy or not.

Therefore, the question we have to ask ourselves with regard to adequate communication and regardless of budget decisions: What interests Persona # 1, Persona # 2, Persona # 3 possibly in our product range? Is there one product or several per persona that could be interesting and prove to be suitable?

If we know the above, it goes on: How do we communicate this one or more product in such a way that the persona a) sees it and b) can react to it. Teamwork is important in this process because everyone sees something different. Everything is important, only some things are important. Then comes the choice of channel or channel and off we go with content production for father-mother-child.

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