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[Blog] Personality of the company

The company’s digital personality works through its leadership. The boss becomes the North Star for his employees, that is, gives direction. As such, it offers orientation and advice: What goes hand in hand with our corporate values, where do we have leeway and what concerns our core business? A good nose is important.

So werden Vorschläge und Erwartungen zu einem adequaten digitalen Auftritt direkt oder indirekt sein Terrain. Was paßt im Rahmen unzähliger digitaler Möglichkeiten zu In this way, suggestions and expectations for an adequate digital presence become directly or indirectly his territory. What fits my company in the context of countless digital possibilities? What do I have to focus on and what can I rest? 101 questions.meinem Unternehmen? Worauf muss ich mich konzentrieren, und was kann ruhen? 101 Fragen.

Suppose the company has (for our analogy) values ​​of the Dalmatian.

“(…) show a very friendly nature. They are sometimes considered to be a little lively family dogs, but they are very adaptable are. They are extremely sensitive , mostly very cuddly and should be brought up with love and praise and not with severity. It can it can happen that the active dog can show behavior problems if it is permanently under-challenged . ” (Source: Wikipedia, Dalmatian )

If the company (and its employees) knows the company values ​​and lives them (like the boss), much is clearer. If the employees are continuously looking for a better understanding of their own brand (do’s and dont’s), this indicates disharmony. The north star is all the more important for the company.

The inner values, the inner compass must be perceptible on the outside. No “mixed messages”, no different logos, no different styles, no partnerships with companies that discredit their own values. Pure 1×1.

It is not important to be there everywhere, it is important to be authentic. The digital entrepreneurial personality is more sustainable (digital memory, Google) than dreamed of. Great opportunities for stargazers and those with a good nose!

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