[ Blog ] Relationships


Relationships are always important to people. Although the impression is often given that these are behind the possibilities of technology, how much of human emotion can be measured and how much of it flows into the decision-making of business processes.

[Blog] The turn of the year rocks

New year rocks

At the beginning of 2021, I was pleased because of the many changes in communication: Less travel times, more efficiency. This has held up more or less all year round, even though the importance of people, the social component in all digital matters, has become even more prominent.

[ Blog ] CO2-Website

CO2 friendly website

The topic of CO2-friendly website has been occupying IT service providers for some time. Retail chains (e.g. Zalando) and petrol station operators (e.g. BP) are fully committed to showing consumers their CO2 fingerprint with conversions in cents. The extent to which companies that sell or distribute CO2-harmful products (fuel) themselves (transport and delivery services) are …

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[Blog] change

Change II

Change in a pandemic also means keeping track of things and staying calm. When a lot of small things like raindrops patter on decision-makers and soak the time of the day, when external influencing factors determine everyday business life – then an external perspective is helpful.

[Blog] change


Change is always associated with concern about the uncertain future. This also applies to technological changes in a company. It is up to the customer whether this is done with or not in accordance with the corporate strategy.

[Blog] Payment Methods

Payment methods

Payment methods are diverse on the Internet. Different manufacturers (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento) offer their systems with variable plugins. The customer often decides based on the adviser’s recommendation and preselection. The processing within third-party providers (Klarna / instant payment, Wirecard, Paypal) is often a balancing act between customer requirements and provider power.

[Blog] Technical


Technical – When I discuss technical questions with colleagues from my industries (advertising & market communication, IT services) it feels like a trip. A journey to a destination that is concrete and yet unassailable. Or can you smell, taste and touch a website?

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