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Relationships are always important to people. Although the impression is often given that these are behind the possibilities of technology, how much of human emotion is measurable and how much of it flows into the decision-making of business processes.

As a sole trader, you potentially spend a lot of time with the company itself. This is the basis of your own existence. If you take this seriously, perfect – or not – depending on how many business relationships know about this existence and appreciate (and use) it as well. Over the years I have dealt with many good and fortunately few bad colleagues. Both sides broaden the horizon of experience, the bad as well as the good.

If you represent a company, it is – in retrospect – important to see yourself clearly as part of it. No single person, no single technique, performs miracles. It’s the intangible, the untouchable, the inspiring, the sudden path that makes a business relationship worthwhile.

From my point of view.

Freelancers and industry colleagues have the same different experience, different customers, different tasks. As for me – today I have my IT professional group spokesman Function (WK Lower Austria, Wiener Neustadt) because of the TIME factor from a responsible entrepreneur’s point of view – what is important in every form of dealing is – honesty. The way one can, and cannot, be honest with one another both underpins and undermines stakeholder relationships in larger corporations.

Of course, emotion is only allowed behind closed doors in business relationships. However, it has a direct effect, without you necessarily knowing about it. The bank statement shows this more clearly.

These thoughts in view of the many good, stable business relationships that pave and have paved the way for my company, Digibond.

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