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On hot weekends, many are looking for a little digital break with the Celts this weekend. The so-called Celtic village in Schwarzenbach, where archaeological excavations and finds guarantee a tangible experience, is part of the wonders in Schwarzenbach.

It’s a miracle, because – we know that digitization and its components are close to my heart – technology plays such a subordinate role that every management consultant or communication strategist [ probably even unisono (unanimously) ] would have spoken out against this timetable for the Celtic festival. AND would have been taught better.


  • Stand operators sell their products in Celtic currency. You cannot pay with euros or with a card.
  • Community stall operators sell their products in Celtic currency, but here you can pay in euros.

Background – Stand operators offset the income in Celtic currency with the municipality of Schwarzenbach and pay a percentage (pre-agreed) as a stand fee. As one lady told me with great pleasure and enthusiasm, a fair economic principle. On 06/18 supposedly 7000 people were at the festival, all of whom were allowed to stop at the exchange office.


The exchange office is thankfully run by volunteers, enthusiasts and friends of the Celts of good character. The Celtic coins are only exchanged for European money (EURO). You can feel the spark of joy, Celtic money is REAL. Celtic money has value (and is also beautiful to look at, so it can also be used as a good luck charm).

Tower cafe

In the shade of the tall oak trees, surrounded by a mixed forest, is the lookout tower, which allows you to see the magnificent landscape all around with every step. Many towers have denied themselves this type of experience. Only at the top is one assured of success at the summit. Not in Schwarzenbach, with every meter of altitude you connect more and more with your own performance, the landscape, the wonder of nature that surrounds you. One would like to learn more, to understand what one sees, but the beauty consoles the curiosity.

With this perception, the refreshment in the tower caf├ę is paired with enormous service quality. Here you don’t pay with Celtic currency; However, the card is kindly declined. I would like to tell you about the charm of the waiters, you are transported to another century.

The Celts led a digital-free existence. Knowledge was [ is ] precious. Algorithms tell us what they allow us to see. Most people don’t know that.


The many activities (archery, bowling, etc.) are paired with culinary concerns, wreaths made of natural herbs in magnificent nuances, music (without being intrusive), many animal legs (alpacas, goats, ostriches, chickens), the Celtic manufacturers (dough, jewellery , robe, ceramics) etc. Every time you look around the “corner” the eye is surprised anew. A mountain of hair, clippers, a husband, three children. A sheep is sheared next to the enclosure, freely accessible to everyone. The scene is characterized by no paranoia, trust and respect. The sheep is of course fully conscious, alive and, like everyone else, can withstand almost 30 degrees in the shade ­čśë

The fire from the night before, the smell, is connected to the air, the atmosphere of the day.

Mayor Bernd Rehberger thanks the numerous visitors in an earthy outfit, he is part, he is a Celt.

Historical reality

As a woman who wears little jewelery and has a penchant for history, the attention to detail and enormous knowledge of some manufacturers is overwhelming. Glass bead replicas are sold with local affiliation, authenticity down to the millimeter in all its variety of meanings at a fair price. Protection from the unknown, from evil (for the third eye) is a central element for further miracles.

The excavations and explanations by the University of Vienna are part of a flood of information that provides credibility, authenticity and more than that – an awakening to another reality. It’s not a holiday you get in Schwarzenbach, it’s a changed mindset – if you want to allow it.

The feast goes on, the riders and priests, the music can be heard from afar. The impression remains – today we’re talking about digital transformation – I wonder if we don’t have to turn this concept upside down (back to our roots – whether Celts, Vikings, Atlantis supporters, pyramid friends etc.) to help ourselves in the to see true light.

Quo vadis ask the Romans. What do we know about it today?

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