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Media planning

When you work in the advertising industry, you always stumble across the word media planning. But what does media planning really mean? When the customer says please put this online, they usually mean their own platform (website) as well as external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

[Blog] Encouragement


Encouragements should provide a different point of view. Encouragement should motivate, sow courage. People who encourage (entrepreneurs) are people who drive movement. Encouragements are cool. Encouragements are casual. Encouragers see new ways where others give up. Encouragements are strong. We are encouragers.

[Blog] change

Change II

Change in a pandemic also means keeping track of things and staying calm. When a lot of small things like raindrops patter on decision-makers and soak the time of the day, when external influencing factors determine everyday business life – then an external perspective is helpful.

[Blog] Rethink


A few weeks ago I completed the UBIT Academy incite “Digitallotse” course together with around 12 colleagues. The reason for this training was and is to strengthen the consulting services of my own company and to research methods and perspectives.

[Blog] case study

(Case) Study

Case study – systems talk to each other. Digitization is based on this assumption and fact. Now I’ve bought a wonderful picture. Then desperate – Corona had just walked into the country – put a frame in the room. Ordered this online and after the strain I leaned back blissfully and with the desire for trouble-free processing.

[Blog] change


Change is always associated with concern about the uncertain future. This also applies to technological changes in a company. It is up to the customer whether this is done with or not in accordance with the corporate strategy.

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