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When you work in the advertising industry, you always stumble across the word media planning. But what does media planning really mean? When the customer says please put this online, they usually mean their own platform (website) as well as external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

What does good planning imply? The students of the MSc Online Media Marketing (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems, ehem. Donau-Uni Krems) gain insights into the context, meaning and application of this topic. Make your own plans and – in a word – face the challenge. Because it is nothing else. You get cost estimates from providers, you have to evaluate them (be able to read them), but you also have to be able to tell the customer what’s good – and range now costs money. It’s the same in print as it is online.

So you can advertise online very cheaply with one sujet (one specific ad). That’s fine. You can also advertise online very cheaply with two sujets (in the same campaign). That’s okay too. However, it is best if we have five sujets (depending clearly on the target group and the strategic requirements).

Why are more sujets better? Because we can make clear assignments about media (their costs) and what the customer sees at every contact point (SEE, THINK, ACT). We carry the message further, expand it and make it downright irresistible (if you will).

In a nutshell – it’s good to think along. Does it still happen that the performance of the campaign does not fit or similar? you have to check again – has everything been complied with – e.g. was the guaranteed visibility ordered, were there unwanted deliveries (e.g. car dealership advertising on a news platform for a car accident article) and much more.

So it’s going to be an exciting course in July and very, very hot.

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