[Blog] Credibility

What is important for successful communication? Credibility.

So every summer I am faced with the recurring most difficult question: Banana split or Iced coffee ? After seconds (what felt like hours for the friendly service) I decide, to the foreseeable chagrin of all friends, with a 99.9% probability for the banana split.

In retrospect, this is now very clear to me (bananas are sweet and tempting for my palate) and logical (coffee flowed to me “at this time” almost like paradise). At the moment of the decision I could swear: YES, it is an authentic decision of free will without interference.

So why is that?

Bananas are yellow all year round. Coffee is brown all year round. Bananas are imported all year round. Coffee is warm all year round. Well. STOP.

“Banana Split” – light yellow fruit, 100% fruit (rich in vitamins, hopefully), ice balls light yellow (vanilla) and brown (chocolate or hazelnut), 100% milk-sugar mixture, whipped cream (cream) 100% tasteless (but nice).

“Iced coffee” – dark brown juice, 100% unfresh (subconscious association, coffee is hot or warm), ice scoops light yellow (vanilla), whipped cream 100% important (for playing with the cold drink).

Regardless of the manufacturer or seller, these two products are exemplary: Discrepancies and learned “knowledge” are important for a value transfer from the product to the customer. In the case of banana split or iced coffee, this means, to the chagrin of all involved, that what in the rest of the year (including winter) implies physical wellbeing (hot coffee) is NOT interrupted by external temperatures (and thus a different context). So the banana split remains more credible in all respects and over and over again.

Just ask me, I swear.

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