[Blog] Snowflakes

The seasons change. This goes hand in hand with the habits of our users. A website in a summer dress loses its appeal at sub-zero temperatures, as does the outdated article in terms of relevance.

If the website owner often thinks he knows his customers – he is right. Nobody knows them better if you look at the numbers (Google Analytics, Google Adwords). If this is not the case, we work in the online area (just like in print or TV) with assumptions, estimates, comparative values, industry standards – you name it.

Market Research is often concerned with finding out what is possible (a personal statement tag must be included here;). Do we want to conquer the world? YES? In a summer dress? YES? In the winter? YES?

Is that possible?

If YES, in which country in the world.

As banal as seasonal flair might seem, it is a matter of referring to the customer. He or she feels understood just because – he or she – may also be cold on the way to the tram or car. Put your product in the limelight (winter, autumn, spring, summer, soul, disco, pop, hip-hop), create positive points of contact for the user’s brain. Inspire with creativity whose measurability remains immeasurable noticed by all market research studies. Give your company’s life a digital opportunity.

Snowflakes are important. Feel ( the mobile version ) itself.

[Blog] Snowflakes
[Blog] Snowflakes
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