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[Blog] HTML hearts

If you want to make hearts beat faster at this time of year, HTML offers a few options. Most of the time icons are used, but there is code that represents hearts, just like this: ???? ???? ???? ????

Various experts offer support on the web. Useful for everyone who wants to have room for CODE or simply want to be efficient in the graphic implementation. Of course, efficiency also means taking any brand colors into account. Without recognition we are “hearty ghost drivers”. ❥ ❥ ❥ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The subject of icons and the use of icons to support newsletters and interactive, mobile communication tools (e.g. What’s UP, SMS) has little to do with the coding. This strategic approach is successfully used in social media and e-marketing, criticized and shown in its breadth on Emojipedia . ❤

For me as a link between HTML people (programmers) and little hearts (creatives), the HTML heart shows the range of possible. Is everyone working in one direction and in one direction? What should come out? Joyful freedom on behalf of all experts. To a good end of 2018 and great harmony in 2019.

Everything with heart ???????????????????????? of course.

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