Social competence

[Blog] Social skills

Social competence is often seen as an important success criterion for professions outside of the technology-oriented world, digitalization. However, if you want to be successful, it is important to deal consciously with it, especially when it comes to transformations or positive changes.

The people of the Generation Y whose lives in this world are already connected to computers and “smart” devices (cell phones, Apple Watch, etc.) .) has spent a lot of time with them.

So there is a “sixth” sense here, what the system (platform) you are on needs to make it work. Everything, of course, completely natural, innocent. You are at home. It is unclear how these “functions” (buttons & clicks, user-friendliness) can be transferred to human interaction, should this occur. Language and social intelligence are learned with and from online streaming.

As a provider of good usability for optimal findability (website, newsletter) and relative display options (mobile, tablet, desktop), do we specify highways that make you forget how beautiful and important hiking is? Do we prevent independent thinking because we do everything for the “ignorant user to be accepted ” (Dümmster Anzunehmender User in DE)- different from DAU?

How can it be expected that – regardless of their level of education – everyone knows everything and can find their way around anywhere on the Internet. That is the goal. Orientation for those not familiar with the topic. What happens to people who are only in the unfamiliar and do not learn any social skills because there is no time to do this. Because it’s too late.

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