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The view of knowledge management is correspondingly diverse in different company forms. The extent to which knowledge is used by the knowledge culture, system and infrastructure (from the operational, strategic or normative level) is touched on a little. What is important to me is the awareness that knowledge management leads to more efficiency and stronger sales.

If a company – or for this idea – a epoch contributed something to our development as people (albeit in a distant country – e.g. in the French Revolution), then we do not necessarily feel it CONSCIOUSLY today. The same applies to all those things and facts that are nowhere written down, incomprehensible and understood in the broadest sense “culturally” conditional. Furthermore, it depends on the perspective of the author, his or her meaning or perhaps the apple strudel that he or she consumed shortly before writing the meaningful word. ­čśë

The epoch of reason (to stick with the French Revolution) has many parallels with the present day , the era of digitization, to lead a customer here too anonymously. He may be right, because apart from the fact that we have to swap the institutions that were strong at the time (church) for institutions that are strong today (platforms, Amazon), the comparison is shockingly clear.

Knowledge ages in institutions when system maintenance is more important than growth, real growth ­čśë

We forget to take up connections, to recognize motives and increasingly have no idea what actually happens (or should happen in the future) with all the data that we as people in companies produce. Who has the time to deal with interpreting the numbers? Who in the company has the knowledge to see that it doesn’t always pay off to behave like a sheep in a herd? The answer to digitization only works if technical systems are used. BUT how do we learn to see what is important for our future?

In my world, in my upbringing, there were isolated encounters that perhaps unintentionally opened the way to traceability and transparency: Conversations at eye level bring positive change.

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