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Supposedly you can do more in a team. Supposedly you are more successful together. But what clout a team has depends mainly on its composition (motivation) to do it.

Findet man sich in einem coolen Projekt wieder und weiß eigentlich gar nicht wie man dazu gekommen ist, kann das zwei Optionen beinhalten.

If you find yourself in a cool project and don’t really know how you got into it, there can be two options. A) you “find yourself” again, “open up” etc. or B) you are briefly happy and are actually neither emotionally nor rationally interested in doing something. In my opinion, both ways are fine. It has to be clear to you what you want and what you want less (or why).

In an entrepreneurial setting, you can usually communicate this less transparently than you would like, possibly as a fear of endangering your job (in the case of B) or losing face (A might not fit your own self-image / image so well, etc.) or or or . When companies work with companies, SMEs with EPUs or or or, it’s a similar charade.

However, if you find cooperation partners with whom you can deal honestly and disclose the intrinsic (further education, coolness factor) and extrinsic motivation (money) from the start, at the end of the day there is the least “crumbs” (as they say in Austria) – Of course, we’re only talking about the “worst case” here.

In the past five to seven years (the time apparently passes differently when you are in the second half of your life [felt]) I have probably experienced 20 different collaborations and partnerships with the Digibond company. Each individual and contextually incomparable, each a learning process in itself. Regardless of whether you already knew each other or whether you had an ingenious joint project. The only way to success was through tough honesty with yourself. Then everything ran smoothly.

These thoughts on the occasion of a hot summer start in which a lot is possible and the weather plays a role for success.

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