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With the end of the Privacy Shield (July 2020), corporate data processing is again in the spotlight. All data processing by US corporations that have found entry into their own digital world must be checked for legitimacy.

So we have systems that measure a lot, whose data we look at when necessary, whose reading & interpretation of data depends on the eye of the reader. If the data is not read in the company, the meaning of which is unclear: why import data and its data graveyards into the new, compliant system? Of course, you never know what kind of data you will need and when in the future.

Now we are forced to take our data, our own use and its interpretation seriously due to the new legal situation. A large number of digital service providers offer business models that include and exclude a wide variety of features in order to generate the largest margin for your product / service.

From my point of view – if something is too beautiful , too good , too perfect , too brilliant , too “round” looks like the assumption: the payment is made by measuring one’s own behavior. PLUS all users who are in the database / customer base. The person who can read this data (or the algorithm) can do a lot with this. Imagine the whole thing on a scale times 1 million. As an an example. This is the gold that lies in the street. This is the gold that helps business success between the lines of every company.

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