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[Blog] Cookie Notice

For the website user, a cookie notice means information about the storage of data in the browser or use by third-party providers. The transparent formulation is shown under company-specific data protection conditions.

Short digression: In Austria ( Telecommunications Act 2003, § 96 ) it came on November 22nd .2011 on a country-specific integration of the EU-wide “cookie” obligation ( DIRECTIVE 2009/136 / EG ). Since then, AT operators are legally obliged to point out the storage of user data (species-specific). The user can agree, reject or ignore this. Irrespective of this, there is a risk of administrative penalties of up to € 37,000 if this information is missing. The internet giant Google likes cookies and has its own User Consent Policy .

Now, in the recent past, I am increasingly concerned with the topic of cookies. Regardless of which system needs a notice, there is a solution for everyone.

How should the customer find out which legal framework applies? Clarity about your own cookie settings in the browser and saved data can be viewed at any time. Every browser has this information, here Google Chrome as an example:

[Blog] Cookie Notice
[Blog] Cookie Notice

Presumably the cookie notice, which has been legally binding since 2011, is currently receiving a revival in Austria. The General Data Protection Regulation (DSVGO) provides for changed information obligations and thus data protection rules for operators change.

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