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If you look at content on platforms (newspapers, magazines, information platforms) they all have one thing in common: Each platform follows its own structure. Own textures. This depends on the needs of the target group (who should be reached and addressed), which in turn is in line with the corporate strategy.

Very practical – when I come to a website as a user, I get content that is coordinated or not visible. This content is strategically valuable or pointless, or somewhere within this range. Relevant is always important for the success of any platform. All the more so since time is valuable to users of all ages. This is measured when disturbing factors become conscious. As with a beautiful film, you dive in, enjoyment (relevance) can be experienced, time passes gently unnoticed. If the user torments himself in any way (disturbing imagery, advertising, irritating texts / content), this creates an awareness of the connection between the activity (use of a certain platform) and the less positive (thus economically destructive) emotions.

How do we write content today that is relevant to a user? Usually there is basic information. Based on this, a context is created in the language of the target group in order to generate relevance. E.g. let’s put a pair of hiking shoes on a hike on a beautiful hiking trail, in a hiking or travel context. Whether this is published in a daily newspaper (Travel / Leisure section) or an online trade journal and when, depends on other factors: Accessibility of the target group, costs of publication on the platform, tracking options for users (for added value after reading the information) grant, search volumes (Google / platform) and much more.

It is important that a piece of content is not necessarily poorly written, it does not work for the advertiser. The factors must be harmonized and correct. The interaction of planning, correct evaluation and real goal pursuit does not mean staying power.

Consequence, that’s what it’s about.

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