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The right domain is essential. For every user who wants to memorize a company without a bookmark, a connection to the brand (range) must be clearly and easily recognizable. The adequate choice of the name of your own domain depends on a few factors.

Firstly, the domain owner (company) has to weigh up the choice of a name for the domain depending on their own mission, vision or mission statement and philosophy. The target group must be able to easily remember this name in order to be able to keep it to themselves (without bookmarks). However, it is not easy to make a meaningful, coherent choice. If the company wants to put a product in the foreground, a separate product domain is available (with an associated website that fully focuses on the product features and the product context).

Let’s stay with that thought. The domain is representative of all the company’s content and should therefore be unmistakable with other brand names (legal protection for the future). The brand presence and branding also play an essential role, as do the market segments (risk of confusion) in which one is active.

Second, the domain name should be easy to pronounce. The choice of words and the associated meaning (which you attach to it yourself) is on the test bench. This is called in the universe of psychology processing fluid . If the name or chosen designation rolls easily and well off the tongue (thoughts) without being distracted by agonizing questions (letter-number combination or zero vs. capital O): Please make the shortlist!

Third, shorten. At this point you have probably already invested a lot of time and “brains”, obtained other opinions and are already happy (and or frustrated): If you already have a short domain name in view that meets all the previous criteria, wonderful. It is essential that the essence in the domain name remains representative of your company in search engine results or cross-media (including print, POS) the portal to your digital agendas.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at DIGIBOND. I have been working in digital reality with all the associated agendas (web, mobile, app) for almost 15 years. Bond , i.e. James Bond , is on a secret mission as agent for the British crown on our televisions since 1962; BOND also means binding (band).

(Source: Google Translator , 04-01-2018)

After a selection of names it goes to the domain search: Which domains are available? Who owns this or this domain (see ICANN WHOIS )? Which decision makes the most sense in the long term? It has to be intuitive.

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