Location independence

[Blog] Location independence

Apparently nowadays I can work “wherever I want” – specifically, that means being independent of location. So as a person in the digital sector, I am particularly affected or at risk. A good internet connection means “life”.

I am by no means going into the various components of user interfaces, user friendliness, information architectures or the like, no. Loading speeds and other technical stumbling blocks that have to do with the construction of the same remain unaffected.

Suppose I have a great internet everywhere. Suppose I’m sitting by the lake, surrounded by mountains, standing on a peak and enjoying the view while sharing the experience with a friend on another continent via streaming. Accepted. Do I still want to work in the coffee house with lounge music and overpriced coffee from foreign countries but good marketing? Personally, I would probably go into nature, enjoy the view and guarantee the power supply with solar energy (the only disadvantage besides an undesirable sunburn with skin type 3 – 30 minutes is sufficient).

We have SMART Cities in Austria and a digital agenda in Europe . Nevertheless, in bad weather in the Austrian hills or even completely flat border areas of the country, I have to be careful not to get angry with the normal cable connection. If it fails, everything is down. For ICT companies, a real expansion is uneconomical, throttled down in the border area of ​​the EU, but still essential for the world of work.

At this point I am silent about wonderful, mystical hill views, the dying of the villages or the experience of rural exodus. I have seen all of this in foreign countries in multiple and real implementation (decline in education / lack of access to inexpensive information). The intellectual capital of an entire nation is at stake. And I’m by no means exaggerating. The internet is more than a cable. The internet is more than an email. The internet is the future. Location-independent simply means a vision that can lead to success with missionary support. The Internet as the hub of the world (which currently only works in cities, you pay for a coffee).

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