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The different options of print products is often overwhelming. Newspapers, flyers, business cards, posters, banners, roll-ups, adhesive films, signs, stationery, etc. The effect of print is much more difficult to measure compared to online. Almost comparable to the measurement of brand impact / brand image (native advertising).

This fact is well accepted and the penetration of different target groups requires different methods to compose the adequate message. Of course, this also wants to be heard. In the case of print products, a large number of options can be integrated to increase the measurability (not only estimated by e.g. how many cars pass the poster every day) of the conversion rate.

The conversion rate is adequately referred to as the conversion rate, conversion rate and conversion rate and is given in percent in online marketing. This key performance indicator (KPI) has an impact on the business evaluation of the degree of fulfillment of a target project. Not alone, but it is an important benchmark. In order to increase the conversion rate – regardless of whether an increased buying behavior or more traffic on the site or the like – print sometimes plays a major role.

Almost banal information such as the web address, contact email or any vouchers (promotions, specials) that the customer can redeem is important. Likewise, not only to arouse adequate interest in the poster emotionally, but to continue it in a recognizable manner on the landing page (like in a conversation where the thread continues). This “knitting” is linked to strategic components (who should get the hood) and is “only” prepared in a structurally and emotionally appealing way.

This preparation (we switch to “cooking”) is like a good recipe, the implementation is subject to further requirements such as the performance of the stove (technical requirements on the website). Furthermore, the sustainable choice of products (keywords, keywords, Google search engine-optimized integration). Last but not least, the real concern of the cook to prepare all components well with joy in achieving the goal.

So if you want a good print product that can be measured online, a cross-media approach must be considered. The strengths of the media are used and the line of the campaign or the goal consistently pursued. Is it light? No, but that’s why there is also Cannes within the media industry. Here the best, most successful and most creative implementations are chosen annually in a festival in FR.

Interweaving strategies in such a way that they have real added value for the customer is an art form that is usually achieved in a team. The strengths of the individual employees (and their weaknesses) help to undertake the most diverse evaluations and perspectives together, taking into account the pursuit of goals.

There is no need to be afraid of failure. Each campaign shows clear factual truths in numbers that the image or brand awareness in direct reference to the campaign is still missing is a pill (we switch to “pharmacists”) that Market Reserach (market and opinion research) tries to close. In short – faster, measurable success is impossible in the print sector, but can increase the conversion rate through the integration of digital aspects.

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