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In marketing and advertising, schema-congruent and incongruent aspects play an essential role. The recognition of a brand depends on it. No fishing for compliments possible .

Is a message (visual is processed faster and more strongly than literal) integrated into a scheme and is this understood? Does it match the schemes and ideas that already exist for a brand? Why is that even significant?

New elements are added and they are perceived as belonging but not clearly. The expert speaks of schema-incongruent elements. These are further divided into light and heavy elements and are often classified as “neutral” in terms of their affiliation.

Scheme dilution occurs when content does not match the existing branding scheme. Further, different statements about the brand are communicated that lead to this. Scheme deepening means a strengthening of the existing brand scheme and thus optimal recognition. Scheme extension is possible if we clearly recognize the conveyed information as belonging which fits into the existing scheme. So it is not classified as neutral.

If a brand wants to reposition itself on the market (we know all the campaigns that McDonalds has communicated with regard to a new strategic direction and consistently pursues this path – 100% beef from Austria) it is a rebuilding of a scheme . Depending on various components that are known and familiar to the consumer (old brand scheme), up to the repositioning or creation of a new brand: It is important that the image (content that the brand scheme communicates) remains constant and recognizable.

What does the product or service do for whom? (David Ogilvy)

It doesn’t make sense for a brand to keep inventing itself without being (re) recognizable as such. The creativity of the implementers must be in full harmony with the positioning of the company, the brand. This in the market and in contrast to the competition.

A brand scheme is therefore extremely relevant, and consistently enforcing this remains the challenge for all creative minds. The company values ​​must be transported in a scheme-congruent manner in order to have real value for the brand, to adequately address the target group and to underpin the image.

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