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Advertising prices are part of the visibility of our advertising industry. Agencies and customers face an (online) jury made up of experts and industry colleagues. Whether the jury is composed of the same federal state or other Austrian federal states depends on the approach of the respective federal state. The winners automatically go to AUSTRIACUS, the Austrian federal advertising award.

In beautiful Burgenland, my homeland, as a member of a specialist group committee, I am confronted for the first time with the emergence of the Burgenland advertising prize ADEBAR (this year’s motto – stork from the ashes). An event is never like an event. Regardless of whether it is the same company party, at the same time of year. People change, the feeling of togetherness works.

To bring about an advertising award in the easternmost state after a pandemic (or during the break of one) shows courage. Every detail has to be planned, every execution considered. On site, the experts have to do their best to let the participating, nominated agencies and their valued customers shine in the best light. That’s part of the ad. Good Burgenland advertising for excellent Burgenland advertisers.

Viewed from Wiener Neustadt (about 21 minutes drive to Eisenstadt, the center of the event on June 23rd, 2022), Burgenland is on the same level as Vienna and the rest of the (Buckligen) world. The area around the second Digibond location is called Industrieviertel Süd. The first, original one is in the warm, red wine-loving Mittelburgenland, Deutschkreutz. The Hungarian border provides other influences, the cultural and regional life is different than in Lower Austria. In this context, the advertising industry defines itself – from my point of view – more freely.

Who evaluates freedom?

What means freedom for one is hopelessness for others. If you think of phrases like “home office” you can easily understand the shift in meaning. We advertisers need a certain amount of freedom (in our eyes, in our heads, in our guts) to see and create what works and to recognize when it needs to be sharpened. Application is a craft. Advertising is a craft. With heart and mind.

The creativity, determination and fearlessness of the Austrian creative economy underpins Austria as a business location. If you want to learn to feel freedom, a number of training centers in the country offer many ways. The Creative Design Academy in Burgenland is one that responds unerringly to its students. Quality starts where you give it meaning.

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