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Terms such as search engine optimization, search engine advertising (advertising), conversions, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and much more. dominate our everyday life. Behind these (and others) the commissioning company is given the opportunity — with a system — to have more success with different perspectives, tactics and strategies. What it means to be “successful” is …

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[ Blog ] Media Planning

Media planning

When you work in the advertising industry, you always stumble across the word media planning. But what does media planning really mean? When the customer says please put this online, they usually mean their own platform (website) as well as external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

[ Blog ] Advertising Awards

Advertising Awards

Advertising prices are part of the visibility of our advertising industry. Agencies and customers face an (online) jury made up of experts and industry colleagues. Whether the jury is composed of the same federal state or other Austrian federal states depends on the approach of the respective federal state. The winners automatically go to AUSTRIACUS, …

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[Blog] Peace and comfort

Peace & comfort

In the digital area, peace and comfort means understanding the user, the target group. Depending on the corporate strategy and goals, a website represents the “home base” itself; being the first contact point for information. The extent to which the information itself may be good, meaningful or correct ist not discussed here.

[ Blog ] Team


Supposedly you can do more in a team. Supposedly you are more successful together. But what clout a team has depends mainly on its composition (motivation) to do it. Findet man sich in einem coolen Projekt wieder und weiß eigentlich gar nicht wie man dazu gekommen ist, kann das zwei Optionen beinhalten.

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