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Neuromarketing helps us to make human behavior more predictable. For example, one has heard of the “eye tracker”. Image acquisition software makes it possible – if the test candidate is presented with a subject – to record where, how often and how long the eyes have stayed at a certain point. Other tools (e.g. measuring the emotion via skin, better brain) provide information about which emotions are triggered.

If you compare the data generated with that of the target group, you can get a “go” / “no go” relatively quickly – to put it bluntly. Of course, this ability to “predict” people’s behavior involves technological and budgetary means. The customer himself must have a certain degree of open-mindedness in order to wish for the more sustainable path to “play it safe”.

Mostly it is produced based on experience, remembering what worked. Neuromarketing is used by large, global corporations (ads with the highest price, top left), visibility and length of stay (returns to friendly relationships) in the social media area. META will give neuromarketing a further boost.

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Mehr Informationen, Knowledge Map of neuromarketing, retrieved on 01/20/2023

The Knowledge Map or “Knowledge Map” shows us the scientific outline as of January 20th, 2023 (without claiming to be complete), for research. Since 2002, an aspect in marketing that measures and applies behavior in the constant change of technology and its possibilities.

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