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Change is always associated with concern about the uncertain future. This also applies to technological changes in a company. It is up to the customer whether this is done with or not in accordance with the corporate strategy.

As a service provider, attention is drawn to the significantly more sensible use of resources because one can build on an existing component known to the customer. How much more money has to be invested in order to change a brand in the eyes of the customer (this is where internal components are proven to help in external communication) usually only becomes apparent after a few years.

It is all the more important to consciously deal with change. Just because something could be extremely unpleasant in your own company without the possibility of comparison, or perhaps simply simply: From my point of view, change just means movement .

If you wanted to stick your head in the sand in the age of industrialization, that was because we interacted differently with our surroundings locally. If we do this for too long today, we usually don’t even know how much money we will lose.

This is the case because we are less concerned with the technical possibilities than with the choice of toothpaste for our children, which in turn Google suggests based on our preferences. [By the way, I am childless – and animalless. ;)]

The difficulty of an entrepreneur or any project in the digital world is related to the framework conditions. The right choice of project and partner, and last but not least the only important currency: trust .

In my opinion you can talk about anything. Is that what you want?

That brings us back to the beginning. There is a world full of digital possibilities. A company can put everything in one trustworthy hand, outsource various experts (as is probably the case with house construction) and sometimes just be lucky. Maybe 10 more years until everyone can see that the time for trade and respect has begun.

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