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The E-Day is organized annually by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The event deals with current topics and contains a wealth of ideas for a wide variety of industries.

For me, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and tourism were the focus. The GDPR was communicated strongly by representatives of the WKO, and existing and new aspects were pointed out. The focus was on clarity and differentiation with regard to Austrian law.

So may for example. a newsletter sender before May 25th without double opt-in verification, use the address after the specified date without problems. Coming on May 25th A new NL recipient is added, however, the recipient is obliged to verify. I was verbally informed that a reference to Section 13 would meet the information requirement. Based on the Austrian de-regulation strategy of the new government, the above NL regulation is unique within the EU. It just doesn’t work any differently in Austria.

Google offered some training courses (MyBusiness, Maps, Adwords, Analytics) and was already booked out in advance. Having a website is relevant to be found. Google is helping to make companies aware of the possibilities.

In the information age, it is no longer enough to have a website; it has to be found and show relevant content. If the page is relevant for the company, but the content is not very appealing to customers and interested parties (operation / usability / overview / good content), it is often over after three clicks.

According to Österreich Werbung, tourism presents an enormous opportunity for companies that are already digital. Investments are made in media bots, the possibilities of old and new marketing strategies were presented. The collection of data, evaluation models and their use were touched on.

All in all, the E-Day was inspiring and carried by a feeling of exhilaration for new possibilities despite constant digital movement. Here is an overview of the workshops this year:

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