[ Blog ] Hashtag

Hashtags (#) allow you to search and find (shared) moments on the platform of your choice. They tell of assignments for selected information (visual, audiovisual, textual). # always tell about you (target group).

Hashtags flood and connect moments. Suppose you think a moment is good, or you want to tell: In the USA on 07/11/2017 there was #KevinSpacey in the most recent Kick Off the # TonyAwards2017 his intro ( You tube #HOST Intro ) with hashtag relevance. Broadway, the traditional venue for the awards ceremony, is a cultural hub in NYC. Now the meaning of hashtags can’t be denied, right?

In Austria, #HASHTAGs are linked to sports events. The bigger the more clearly # -marketing is integrated. But Broadway (NYC) isn’t a sports stadium. There is no ski jump in NYC, no World Cup downhill run (for women or men) and certainly no parkour (since 2012) for NYC Ironmans . This latest broadcast in the US American cultural context also provides the appropriate, visual corrective: the white material that is used worldwide to heal fractures.

The plaster of paris on which we see the hashtag HOST (#HOST) speaks to a new generation. Speaks on a digital level to all those who face TV programs armed with mobile phones and iPads. A reaction to users? Definitely a moment for cultural #recognition.

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