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Systems talk to each other. Digitization is based on this assumption and fact. Now I’ve bought a wonderful picture. Then desperate – Corona had just walked into the country – put a frame in the room. Ordered this online and after the strain I leaned back blissfully and with the desire for trouble-free processing.

It was a tough and intensive process of making the correct model and what was supposed to be the best choice. Only possible with the help of an art connoisseur friend. BUT the picture had to be on the wall, the view too beautiful, the width of the wall too big.

Tuesday 03.03.2020
– the order is placed with a retailer with .at domain ending directly in the shop
– the instant transfer process is canceled by the retailer in the process
– the transfer then initiated directly via my account a few minutes after the failed payment process and carried out successfully

Tuesday March 10th, 2020
– a call is made to the dealer to verify when the frame will arrive
– I am informed that the goods have not been paid for – no – the payment has not been assigned in the system and therefore not commissioned.
– We apologized and verbally promised an express assignment to the supplier. We expect a response by Friday.

Tuesday March 17th, 2020
– the dealer informs me that the material for my frame comes from Italy; not available for an indefinite period of time.
– There are no alternatives for me as an Austrian customer, since the export / import regulations between AT and DE no longer allow this since “midday”.
– There would be ( !) no delivery option from DE to AT.
– I am therefore canceling the order due to the Corona situation.

Thursday March 19th, 2020
– I will get the full payment refunded to my account.

Friday April 1st, 2020
– the delivery man rings.
– I receive a package with eyes that can not believe although they see: it is the frame.
– The delivery note in the package was with the date 11.03.2020 provided.

What do I mean by that?

In theory there shouldn’t have been any problems. In practice, these (problems) were overlooked where offline and online world meet with too much trust in the systems, the technology. If people have to stop thinking for themselves in order to cope with the daily demands, the company suffers financial damage.

In the meantime, I have helped companies in completely different industries to identify holes and gaps in this transfer process between people and technology. You just have to look 🙂

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