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Based on an older appearance, the user can guess that movement has visited the company, but clear communication is recommended. Google has no idea, Google knows.

Changes often happen insidiously until it is clear what has been observed or known for a long time. So if products or services change, it is important to keep the digital reality (real time) up to date. This is often played through social media / content marketing channels. Many roads (channels) lead to Rome (website).

It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on your own pages and their performance. Do company areas change, for example. In your portfolio and less in your area of ​​responsibility, it is important to take search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. What good is a changed portfolio (or department) if it cannot be found, simply due to a lack of information and the relevant technical components (Google Console).

The entrepreneurial values ​​are ideally reflected in the good choice of words. As much as necessary and as little as possible is relevant in the textual implementation in order to best communicate corporate goals and concerns. The perspective is important. To avoid being compared with a non-fiction book (worst case), every text needs the right character.

Like corporate brands themselves, the text is in line with the corporate identity (brand image) right up to the corporate strategy; based on the company’s vision / mission or philosophy. So writing good texts is not only important, it gives the reader an emotive insight into the world of the company and opens or closes gates.

It is therefore advisable to consider external cooperation in order to avoid blindness and obvious things (blind spots) with dangerous ambiguities. Real emotional bond and sustainability as the goal of the word.

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